It’s ok to not be extraordinary

I’ve listened to a lot of motivational talks this past while. They have all been incredibly inspirational and uplifting. These are not your average success stories; they are success stories that have risen from immense hardships and impossible odds. As I listen to each person account for their life’s journey and the obstacles they had to overcome to reach greatness, I can’t help but think (realistically) that not everyone is extraordinary. And that’s OK.

I can say categorically that I am not going to be the next tech entrepreneur billionaire, or any sort of billionaire. I am grounded enough to know that while I work hard and have the technical abilities to do well in my field, I am by no means a visionary that can create a product that will revolutionise the world. That doesn’t make me a failure by any means. I am still self sufficient and above average by most measures. I want to do well for myself, I just don’t have the ambition to be the best.

To be truly great at something inevitably requires sacrifice, a lot of it. Some people just aren’t willing to let go of all their free time in pursuit of an idea that may or may not materialise. There’s nothing wrong with that. I wish that every time someone extraordinary comes on stage, they also mention the caveat that not everybody is exceptional.