Last day of probation!

Today is officially the last day of my probation period. I can’t believe I’ve been at this amazing company for 6 months already! I still remember the anxiety of my first day where I knew almost nothing about asset management. During this last 6 months, I’ve worked with brilliant minds and patient souls who’ve put up with my stupid questions and silly mistakes. Every day I walk into the building and I am eternally grateful for being given this opportunity. 

I already know I can be at this company for the rest of my working life. They truly value the well-being of their employees. I have worked for and at big corporates before and none of them come close to having the offerings my company has:

  • Free lunch 
  • Free gym with personal trainer
  • Subsidized breakfasts / coffees
  • Really good remuneration and bonus package
  • Parking
  • Large pool of intellectual talent (i.e. really smart people)
  • Snooze rooms (!!!)
  • Massage services
  • Dry cleaning services

More importantly, I love that my company tries the utmost to do what is right. For their clients and for everyone else. 

For the first time since I started working, I can confidently say I have a good work life balance. My stress levels are fairly low, and I’m able to sleep again! I’ve also made some incredible friends along the way.

This job is a dream and I’m gloriously living it.