Bald and Bearded

Last week I went on a date with someone, not because I particularly wanted to meet him. He issued me with a challenge and I couldn’t back down. The conversation started like this:

Kudos to him for disclosing that he’s got a big, hipster like beard. It was nice to be warned about such things, so that my expectations could be adjusted to better suit the reality. I was prepared for it.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was the fact that on top of having a massive 8-month-old beard, he also had NO HAIR. In his photo, he had a beanie on so I couldn’t discern this rather crucial point. I must say, it did make for a good ice breaker. It turned out it wasn’t some genetic fault or cancer, but rather, he chose to be bald. We spent a good couple of minutes discussing this, at which point he revealed it was because his ex-girlfriend liked the look. 

At this point I was thinking… okay, so clearly the ex still had some impact on him if he continued to align his appearance to his ex’s preference. 

Because he arrived before I did, he already had a drink. I couldn’t remember exactly what he said but he basically told me to get my own drink at the bar. Not, “Can I get you a drink?”, more like, “Go get your own drink lady”. Yeah, what a gentleman. I liked that he alluded to how he was going to make up for the hipster beard and then went on to do the complete 180.

The conversation was actually pretty decent. Unfortunately there wasn’t any chemistry from my side and while I enjoyed meeting this interesting fellow, I knew it wasn’t going to extend beyond this first meet up. Luckily the place he picked closed at 9pm so I was able to make a quick getaway. 

After the date he sent me a message asking for a second date. My response was perhaps a bit rude, but there really wasn’t a good way to dress up a rejection. Shortly after that, he disabled his profile, probably in fear of me using his photos on my blog.