Review: The Gift

This is definitely a hidden gem of a thriller. The marketing team should be scolded for doing such a poor job of promoting this film. The trailer isn’t particularly enticing but trust me, the movie is as enthralling as it can be. Joel Edgerton has outdone himself as a master story teller. The directing is also top notch.

The Gift reminds me of Gone Girl – if you enjoyed that, you will love this. A married couple relocates to a new city and encounters an old ‘friend’ from high-school who immediately sets off the creepdometer. The events unfold organically and the pacing, albeit slow, keeps you on edge. What I love about The Gift is that is is scary without the gore or any special effects. That is what makes it so real and believable.

The performances from the main actors are incredible. Each character is wonderfully shaped. There are enough twists to make you second guess the protagonist and the story develops in such a way that it keeps you hooked until the very end. For a seemingly low budget film, this is fantastic and definitely worth a watch.